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I have a special needs sister who will not leave her mask on or leave her shoes on. After calling a few places that would not accommodate my special needs sister, I called this place and from the first phone call, I explained my situation and they were so nice and got me in same day. These ladies were so kind to my sister and took good care of her while there and took care of the problem. I strongly recommended the Phoenix location. THANK YOU LADIES!*

Iliana L

The staff is absolutely amazing. They were able to answer all the questions I had and I was able to leave without any worries. I would recommend Lice Clinics of Arizona to everyone. They were able to get us in the same day which was a great relief.

Justin E

Amazing place! Got us in the very next day, everyone was soooo nice and they are honest. They treated 2 family members and we are happy to be lice free.

Jenna J

They were very nice and cured my wife's hysteria as well as helping us to rid our hair of lice.

Michael V

Amazing, thank you!! Incredibly grateful to have the Lice Clinic! Friendly and cleared us up, the over the counter never would have done it! Thank you. 

Deanna W

When I found out my household had lice I was stressed and freaking out. I went in and Mel took care of us. She was very knowledgeable about lice and their habits. She offered pleasant conversation and assured us we would not be back and that we were lice Free. Walking out of there I felt a sense of relief and Mel made my bad day better and kept me happy even while I was freaking out in the chair. Let's just say it was worth going in and just spending the money rather than trying to do it myself. 

Grace R

Was very stressed out over the whole situation.  The ladies there were very reassuring and talked me through everything they were doing and I was able to see what they were doing as well.  They were very kind and professional. The fact that I could leave there with my child lice free was so comforting. Would recommend them to anyone dealing with an itchy situation. 

Sharyn R

One hundred percent worth every penny spent! Treatment well worth it and effective!efficiently staffed to handle my four toddlers at once! Great atmosphere and clean! My girls were able to return to daycare the next morning lice free! Awesome job! 

Olivia Y

This place is absolutely unreal! Would recommend this place a thousand times!! Such a nice and friendly staff! 

Patrice B

I would highly recommend this place. Not only where they cheaper then the other 3 places I called. They charge per person opposed to per hour. She was very informative and explained all steps. I have super thick long hair and a very sensitive head and it was very easy process. It is a little pricey but to have the 100% reassurance and a guarantee from them. Is well worth it. They also explain and teach you on how to prevent future issues. She did mine and my 5 years old hair and my 5 year old didn't have any issues. Thank you so much!!! 

Julie T

I freaked out when I discovered my daughter had lice. I had no idea how to get rid of them. I did some research online but I needed immediate results. My husband mentioned a lice clinic and immediately made an appointment for the entire family to get checked. Good thing because 3 out of 5 had lice. Char was very nice and professional she educated us on lice and how to make sure we don’t get re-contaminated. She even let the kids look at the lice under a magnifying glass which eased our 3 year old. We all watched Moana while we got our treatment which helped keep the kiddos still. I would highly recommend this place and I will definitely be coming back if needed in the future. It was worth our peace of mind and I can say our family is now lice free (literally right after the treatment). No need to re-do any treatment plus they give a 30 day guarantee. Thank you, Char ???? 

Yara O