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Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is a busy time filled with shopping, gatherings, and more. After the holidays, everything else seems to begin catching up to us. This included illness and of course head lice. All of the holiday gatherings can be the perfect place for colds and head lice to spread. Why exactly does the post holiday season bring on an increase in head lice though?

Post Holiday Head Lice Infestations

During the holiday season we gather with friends and family. While this can be a fun and joyous time it can also be a breading ground for illness and head lice. The close contact and nonstop running can put a strain on your body and make you more susceptible. Head lice can easily crawl from host to host during packed gatherings and cause head lice infestations to spread. It can often be a few weeks before you begin to notice your head lice infestation. By this time the holiday season is over and the lice have been spread around.

How to Treat Post Holiday Head Lice

If you find yourself or a loved one battling head lice after the holiday season our clinic can help. Our staff is made up of trained head lice professionals that can help you get lice free fast. From head lice checks to our premium head lice treatment we’ll have you back to normal in no time. Our treatments are fast, non-toxic and backed by our lice free guarantee.

Stay lice free after the holiday rush with the lice experts at Lice Clinics Arizona.