Head Lice Screening for Gila County, AZ

Lice can be frustrating to deal with. Besides the constant head itchiness, you might have to deal with sores or red bumps on your head, along with the potential feeling that something is moving around on your head. If you suspect you might have lice, Lice Clinics Arizona can help. We provide a $25 lice screening service for everyone who lives in the Gila County, AZ, area.

What Do We Do?

We can thoroughly examine your hair and scalp for signs of lice. If we find anything, we can often provide treatment with the Zyma Air Therapy device. This treatment involves cold air that kills lice and nits and allows us to quickly remove them with a topical treatment. We also can offer you a lice comb and topical product treatment that you can use at home and then return to see if your lice are gone.

We also highly recommend that if you have a case of head lice we look over all the family members. That way, you can verify if the lice has spread or not.

Why Depend on Us?

With our focus on lice, we are experienced in noticing it right away and confirming that it is, in fact, head lice. We understand that you might feel scared or frustrated, so allow our lice screening experts to provide you with the understanding you need to get rid of this health problem.

Additionally, we provide safe, fast, effective, and reimbursable products that will work well in removing your head lice. You don’t have to worry about treatments that don’t last or won’t work—instead, you can enjoy a lice-free head quickly and successfully!

How Can You Learn More?

If you want to find out more about our $25 head lice screening service, call us today at 602-309-5468 or book your appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!